Cracks & Repairs

Regularly maintaining your parking lot is the best way to protect the asphalt. Tri-State Asphalt provides services like sealcoating and crack sealing to help prevent asphalt damage and erosion. When the asphalt becomes grey, it does not have the proper protective coat to absorb the sun’s UV rays. Seal coating not only beautifies the parking lot by restoring the rich dark color but it helps create a barrier to protect against the elements listed above. Crack sealing aids in the prevention of water seeping into the cracks in the asphalt. When water invades the cracks and reaches the sub base, the surface will deteriorate, creating larger cracks and potholes.

Crack sealing protects your asphalt and helps it last longer. Our Services Include:

• Crack repairs
• Crack filling
• Patching
• Pot hole repair

Contact us as (800) 867-4898 if you notice fading or cracking on your asphalt surface.