Seal Coating

Sealcoating protects the performance of your asphalt and prevents serious problems that could result in an expensive replacement. As such, this service should be a part of your routine parking lot maintenance plan and applied to existing asphalt every three to five years.

If your parking lot has been recently repaved, a sealcoat application is the final step in this maintenance program and should be applied after 90 days to approximately one year. Sealcoating will help extend the life of the asphalt surface by preventing oxidation caused by the sun and degradation from UV rays damage and traffic.

You place tremendous demands on your paved surfaces. Protect the performance of your paved surfaces from problems such as cracks, breaks or worn areas, which detracts from the surface’s appeal. Ensure their long lasting appeal and performance by contacting us at (800) 867-4898.

Benefits of this maintenance finishing touch include:

• Creates a deep, black finish on the surface.
• Protects against the drying effect of the sun.
• Protects against the damage of water seepage.
• Keeps the surface pliable to minis damage in high-traffic areas.
• Returns a damaged or worn surface back to its integrity.