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Ensure long-lasting appeal and performance from your paving

You place tremendous demands on your paved surfaces every day. Exposure to wind, rain, and the sun, as well as the repeated pressure of vehicle use, leads to wear that may escalate to damage. Problems such as cracks, breaks, and worn areas detract from the appeal of the surface while also diminishing its safety.


Protect the performance of your asphalt and prevent serious problems that could result in the need for expensive replacement with routine maintenance.

  • Create a deep, black finish for the surface

  • Protect against the drying effect of the sun

  • Protect against the damage of water seepage

  • Keep the surface pliable to minimize damage in high-traffic area.

Experience the benefits

Add the finishing touch to your maintenance

Sealcoating is the final step for many asphalt paving maintenance programs. Both new and existing surfaces benefit from the protecting and improvement provided by this application.

If your paved surface has already been damaged or is showing signs of wear such as cracks, you can still bring back its integrity and protect it from further problems. Visit our Crack Sealing and Asphalt Repairs pages to learn more about restoring your asphalt.

Repair existing damage

Give us a call to find out more about the benefits of seal coating and schedule an appointment for your services.



Get in touch with us and put over 30 years of dedicated, personal experience behind your seal coating services.

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